What are scrubs pants, and who wears them

If you were a really tall guy, you would need a pair of these. You would need to put on a pair of tall scrubs pants. Don’t worry, if you are really small or short, there’s a pair waiting for you as well. But why would you be wearing such pants in the first place? Here’s a quick clue, your surgical practitioner or medical specialist will be putting on a pair before he gets to work with the necessary procedure. And don’t worry, you will only be wearing a pair of these if you are a patient, and it is you that has to go in for surgery.

Your busiest of GPs will be wearing them. Not only are they ideal as clinical or sanitary wear, they’re also pretty comfortable. The days are fast disappearing when good old fashioned doctors wearing a smart business suit with a white overcoat on are fast disappearing. As a layman, this may seem like more than preserving an old-fashioned persona. Well-designed and built with the strongest of fibers, usually cotton, scrubs of all sizes, cuts, makes and trims are never pretentious.

And that’s another thing. To go with the scrubs pants, there will of course also be scrubs shirts and jackets. While there are no pretentions when surgical or medical staff wear them, there will be a degree of high fashion. But this has more to do with ensuring practical comfort for those that wear them, and colorful, sometime gaudy designs, are deliberately imprinted to lighten the mood of anxious or traumatized patients.

So, imagine a kind-looking, smiling doctor walking into a children’s ward with a Mickey Mouse top on with a goofy pair of slippers to match.  That works, doesn’t it!